Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yet another paper

15:27 - Haven't started writing. Don't really have a topic. Must start now.
16:00 - start writing
16:44 - have ca. one page and an outline. Faith is waning. Must write 10 pages tonight.

17:00-19:00 - Dinner "break"
19:00-19:30 - finished reskimming Schiller. Need now to write the damn paper.
21:11 - 3.5 pages. I may gag.
22:00 - almost 4 pages. Quits for tonight. Extension to Tuesday secured. Am a loser.

19 May 2008

- Am still a loser. Also, when did it become okay for people to sit on each other's laps in the library? Not even hidden in the stacks... more like in the main reading room. Bullshit.
15:32 - 5 1/4 pages, not all of which are bad. Someone's cell phone just rang (in the Loker reading room, for goodness' sake) for a minute and a half and I'm having odd reminiscences of a trip to the St. Louis Art Museum. I have the same sort of anxious energy now that I had then, though under COMPLETELY different circumstances. Also, these paper posts remind me of a particularly ridiculous livejournal post from years ago.
16:45 - after a brief break, I'm back to work. Now at almost 8 pages. The guy across the table from me has decided to take a nap in his chair. Ugh.
17:45 - one more hour and no more pages. I think this is a sign I need to do something else for a while. Back after dinner for more bullshitting.

20 May 2008

- I guess this is all evidence that I work much better and more efficiently when I am interested in my current project. 7 more pages to go. 5 if I use Palatino.
11:17 - Not working very hard, but have 12 pages now. Just. Three. More.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Evolution of a paper - Celan, Sprachgitter

Goal: 17+ pages
- actually writing for an hour now, 2.5 pages. Yikes.
22:35 - writing for two hours and twenty minutes: 6 pages. Feel like a rockstar.

--ten minute break -- peanut m&ms and Monty Python.

23:50 - working for 3.5 hours. Now 9.5 pages. No more energy Continuing in the morning

13 May 2008
- starting back up. Painful
17:37 - now at 12.5 pages and may actually be brilliant.
18:10 - 13.5 pages. Break.
21:41 - Wow. Plus-sized ANTM. Now finishing this goddamned paper.
22:20 - At this point, I know for sure that I can finish this paper tonight, but I have to face the harsh reality that I just don't want to. But I have to. *whimper*
23:30 - minor disaster with wedding planning happened on the phone. Derailed. Still need 5 more pages.
23:50 - ohhhhh yeah, tonight's Primal Scream, which is anything but primal, but does make me want to scream

14 May 2008
24:26 - 18 full pages dealing with three poems in depth. I could stop now and be okay, but tomorrow I will edit and write a conclusion. Now, one episode of Six Feet Under and I will be ready for bed.
approx. 11:00 - turned in 21 pages of text, about five pages of illustrations. Not a bad paper at all.