Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Evolution of a paper - Celan, Sprachgitter

Goal: 17+ pages
- actually writing for an hour now, 2.5 pages. Yikes.
22:35 - writing for two hours and twenty minutes: 6 pages. Feel like a rockstar.

--ten minute break -- peanut m&ms and Monty Python.

23:50 - working for 3.5 hours. Now 9.5 pages. No more energy Continuing in the morning

13 May 2008
- starting back up. Painful
17:37 - now at 12.5 pages and may actually be brilliant.
18:10 - 13.5 pages. Break.
21:41 - Wow. Plus-sized ANTM. Now finishing this goddamned paper.
22:20 - At this point, I know for sure that I can finish this paper tonight, but I have to face the harsh reality that I just don't want to. But I have to. *whimper*
23:30 - minor disaster with wedding planning happened on the phone. Derailed. Still need 5 more pages.
23:50 - ohhhhh yeah, tonight's Primal Scream, which is anything but primal, but does make me want to scream

14 May 2008
24:26 - 18 full pages dealing with three poems in depth. I could stop now and be okay, but tomorrow I will edit and write a conclusion. Now, one episode of Six Feet Under and I will be ready for bed.
approx. 11:00 - turned in 21 pages of text, about five pages of illustrations. Not a bad paper at all.

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